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Sex Boosters for Woman

Wild Dragon works in a similar fashion for women as it does men: the drug increases blood flow to the clitoris, vaginal lips, and vaginal walls. Again, it’s not a libido enhancer, so while the flesh may be willing, the mind might not. One study by the US Berman twins (Laura and Jennifer ), one a psychologist the other a urologist, found that 67% of women said the ability to have an orgasm increased after taking Wild Dragon and more than 70% said they felt more sensation in the genital area generally.

Testosterone boosters: Slap on a testosterone patch or rub some cream into your forearm and you could notice significant improvements in your sex drive and enjoyment of sex generally. I know several women over fifty who use it and rate it highly. There are side effects, like increased hair growth, which isn’t ideal, but given a choice between waxing or plucking more often or having sex less often, I know what would I choose.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is another option. Hormone levels of estrogen, testosterone, and others are measured and balanced. It’s a controversial treatment and some say the side effects are risky, but again it has lots of support and fans.

Eros therapy: This is a small, handheld, battery- operated appliance. It’s designed to enhance sexual satisfaction by increasing sensitivity and so improving lubrication to generally up your chances of orgasm. You place a soft cup over the clitoris and turn the device on, creating a gentle vacuum (much like his vacuum therapy). This increases the blood flow to the clitoris and genitals and conditions sensitive tissues leading to genital engorgement. In a Boston study, manufactures claim a 33% of women with normal sexual functioning noticed extra lubrication, 58% increased clitoral sensations, 33% found it easier to orgasm, and 25%enjoyed greater sexual satisfaction. I have found response to it divided: some women think it’s fabulous, but a few sex therapists I know don’t rate it at all.

Pelvic toners: there are devices designed to help you exercise the muscles that support the pelvic flow and are crucial for good sex. These range from hard plastic dildos you inset and squeeze your muscles around to something that looks like a spaghetti server with springs, which you squeeze shut and push open again.

Age, child birth, not having sex often enough and declining estrogen all have an effect on vaginal muscle tone and continence. I know I m always raving on about them, but doing daily pelvic floor exercises is the simple most important thing you can due to ensure a good sex life.

Vaginal Dilators are good self treatment if intercourse is painful because of vaginismus, when your vaginal muscles spasm and close, stopping you from having it. You start with the smallest dilator and work up to penis size, inserting it and consciously squeezing and relaxing your pc muscle at the same time. It works well to overcome the PC spasm reflex.

Triphasic Birth Control Pills have been found to boost sexual interest in women. These pills differ from the standard pill because they have varied progestin levels. The result: women report more sexual interest, fantasies, arousal during sex, and sexual satisfaction.

Androgen Supplements: If levels of androgen run low, desire drops. Supplements are available and help with both arousal and lubrication.

ArginMax: This is a nutritional supplement-one formula for men and one for women-which you take for several weeks to boost your naturally produced “sex” hormones. Some notice a marked difference, but not everyone does. Buy it at good health food shops.

Durable Fashion for All Ages

Has it ever happened to you that you looked at a beautiful top and were disappointed to find out that it isn’t available in your size? Well, a smart brand knows how to appease the woman in you. A store catering to women in the range of all ages will always cater to a larger demographic.

Sometimes, we all splurge for that beautiful flowing dress or that feminine top that would look so breathtaking. But then it’s a big let down when it doesn’t last as long as we thought it would. All of us love to shop but along with fascinating cuts and designs we all want clothes that would be durable. After all, who doesn’t want more value for money?

Noa Noa is one such brand that is known for its beautiful and delicate designs inspired from vintage pieces. Their clothes are made with the best fabric blends which ensure that even if you spend a bit more than usual, you’re guaranteed to have durability and a dress that will be with you for a long time to come. This brand designs and stocks the best of fashion for women of all ages from the young and the hip to the more mature woman. It is therefore a refreshing change from the stores who only stock fashion for a particular age.

Noa Noa clothing was founded by Harald Holstein who wanted to dress women in delicate and feminine designs. Check out their designs and you will be floored with the beautiful designs in soft pastel colours and the rich and delicate use of the flowing fabrics. You just cannot resist the feminine fine knit cardigan! Wear it with a soft pastel tunic and white leggings and get ready for compliments galore!

The Herring jawfish jersey is just breathtaking in a soft grey with lovely frills on it. It looks amazing when paired with a linen pant or white leggings. The shark Simran chiffon dress will make you go ‘wow!’ It’s a beautiful flowing knee length floaty dress with subdued silver flecks all over it. It makes for the perfect evening wear or any special occasion when you pair it with your favourite pumps or high heels. One absolute must buy is the cotta Waterton dress; it is an absolute beauty and has such a wonderful fall to it. The best part is that it is low maintenance and can be machine washed.

Leather For Woman’s Bags

Some women love to carry their leather bags or purses with pride. A leather bag is very convenient for a lady to carry all her belongings at one time. Girls start to loves bags from a very young age. They begin to learn the different of the different name brands that we are all familiar with like Coach or Chanel. The wonderful thing about these purses is that they are made from leather. The well known brands use the best type of leather that is the most attractive.

If a bag is made from the finest leather it will be very expensive. Some prices for woman’s bags can run into the high hundreds. Women who can afford this are more than willing to make this purchase and even come back for more while the less fortunate will just dream about it. But it isn’t just about the leather is a fashion trend like having the newest cell phone.

When a woman shops for a leather bag she needs to find something that is not only comfortable but looks very fashionable. Sometimes it is love at first sight with a bag. You can just lay your eyes on one on a display and know you have to have it. Other times you have to try it on, look at yourself in the mirror and think about it and if it doesn’t click then it wouldn’t work out.