Bedroom Fashions

Bedroom fashions for newly wedded couples take some major compromise unless one of the members of the couple could care less! And, that is not usually the case so couples must consider whether they want a full size captain bed or a captions bed or perhaps if adjustable linens would be something they are interested in. There are a lot of current styles for newly wedded couples to consider when it comes to bedroom fashions and there are some tips as well to help make the purchase go as smoothly as possible.

First of all, newly wedded couples are generally on a budget and that means that they should be extra careful about spending a lot of money on bedroom fashions. Trends change and if the couple will regret their purchase in five years then they should never have made it. So, the best thing to do is find a bedroom suite that is acceptable to both the man and woman in the relationship that they both feel they will like for at least 10 years down the road if not more. Beds made of dark wood and with simple lines are always a good and elegant choice. They match everything and will always be beautiful and stylish no matter what is in style. Keep this in mind when you enter a store and think how stylish one particular bedroom suite is. If you feel you can live with it for at least 10 years if not forever then go for it. If you aren’t quite sure find one that fits this criterion.

If you buy a bedroom suite, which will likely cost you upwards of a thousand dollars, then you can be a little more playful with your comforter and linens. That’s because these are easy to change when you are tired of a specific color or style. Buy sheets that are bright and bold colors and a duvet cover that matches. But, when you are tired of this trend buy some sheets that are patterned or in lighter colors. Whatever the trend it is a lot easier to play around with your sheets and other linens than it is with your actual bed!

If all newly wedded couples follow this advice they will find that they love their bedroom furniture and the versatility of changing sheets and comforter sets as they like new colors or choose to paint the walls. Make life easy and think ahead before you buy furniture and your marriage will be smooth sailing!

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