Durable Fashion for All Ages

Has it ever happened to you that you looked at a beautiful top and were disappointed to find out that it isn’t available in your size? Well, a smart brand knows how to appease the woman in you. A store catering to women in the range of all ages will always cater to a larger demographic.

Sometimes, we all splurge for that beautiful flowing dress or that feminine top that would look so breathtaking. But then it’s a big let down when it doesn’t last as long as we thought it would. All of us love to shop but along with fascinating cuts and designs we all want clothes that would be durable. After all, who doesn’t want more value for money?

Noa Noa is one such brand that is known for its beautiful and delicate designs inspired from vintage pieces. Their clothes are made with the best fabric blends which ensure that even if you spend a bit more than usual, you’re guaranteed to have durability and a dress that will be with you for a long time to come. This brand designs and stocks the best of fashion for women of all ages from the young and the hip to the more mature woman. It is therefore a refreshing change from the stores who only stock fashion for a particular age.

Noa Noa clothing was founded by Harald Holstein who wanted to dress women in delicate and feminine designs. Check out their designs and you will be floored with the beautiful designs in soft pastel colours and the rich and delicate use of the flowing fabrics. You just cannot resist the feminine fine knit cardigan! Wear it with a soft pastel tunic and white leggings and get ready for compliments galore!

The Herring jawfish jersey is just breathtaking in a soft grey with lovely frills on it. It looks amazing when paired with a linen pant or white leggings. The shark Simran chiffon dress will make you go ‘wow!’ It’s a beautiful flowing knee length floaty dress with subdued silver flecks all over it. It makes for the perfect evening wear or any special occasion when you pair it with your favourite pumps or high heels. One absolute must buy is the cotta Waterton dress; it is an absolute beauty and has such a wonderful fall to it. The best part is that it is low maintenance and can be machine washed.

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