Mens Urban Clothing

The inner city is the original melting pot of all that is new, old fashioned, trendy, unequaled and downright weird. So it isn’t surprising that urban styles originated in perhaps the biggest, busiest and the most urban city on the planet, New York. This is where all the urban fads started.

However, men’s urban clothing developed differently as it went around the world. Every individual city incorporated their own culture and individual preferences into this free flowing fashion style. The characteristics of the overall urban fashion scene are that the fashions are unique, in vogue and practical. It’s also obvious that urban clothing for women needs to be hip and in style, really functional and can adapt to the continuously evolving environment of the city scene.

Urban lifestyle is different. It is fast moving and one needs to be prepared for every eventuality. This is one reason why mainstream fashion, or the clothing one sees on the catwalk in Paris are not very well suitable for urban women. The rigid styling and the cloth used are going to be a hassle in the fast paced city streets. The urban woman should ideally wear fashions that are chic and edgy, and at the same time something bold yet practical, with undertones of ethnic influences. These are only some general guidelines of urban fashion for ladies.

Living life on the leading edge of fashion is not as hard as you might think. If you have a set of comfortable clothes, but overall may look boring, you just need to spice it up a little by mixing them with hip shoes such as boots with raised heels, or some terrific accessories like belts. It is best to make your clothing stand out some to make it urban style.

Other fashion extras that are considered as urban culture include large earrings, necklaces (wearing a couple with varying lengths can give you that urban appearance), cardigans and big belts. Certain items of clothing give hints of ethnic elements, whether in their shades, prints or patterns. Blending these kinds of clothes with simple accessories will give you the urban fashion statement you are looking for.

Urban wear is more than just fashion and clothes, over time it has become a personal statement. The person who is wearing it is stating their individuality. Before urban wear was only associated to hip hop artists. Now, not only hip hop artists are donning the colorful styles, and it has become a worldwide fashion trend.

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